Lanzarote-inspired architecture

The patios, the white architecture of the house and the hand-carved volcanic stone walls reflect the traditional construction of the island. By combining the traditional architecture with more contemporary concepts, we have created an organic-shaped building that blends into the landscape and slowly transforms our surroundings.

When the sun goes down, one of the most beautiful moment of the day arrives, the garden is illuminated and the carefully planned interior lighting transforms all the spaces, the beauty of shadows regains all its importance.

  • Property developer:   Vulkano Estudio
  • Interior design and furnishing:   Vulkano Estudio
  • Landscaping:   Vulkano Estudio
  • Architect:   Federico Zorrilla Abascal
  • Technical architect:   Daniel Carratala Climent
  • Photography:   César San Millán Agüera
  • Hosts:   Javier y Roberto Del Valle Sainz (Vulkano Estudio)
  • Website:  LzTIC