A garden with a vegetable garden

Our inspiration comes from the island itself, from its black landscapes, from its many types of cactus. The colours are combined, with different shades of green prevailing, from lime green to moss green. Varieties of travelling cactus, coming from lost islands like Madagascar, or from deserts like Sonora or Chihuahua in Mexico and of course there is no lack of our native varieties. Flowers that grace us all with their beauty only one day a year. The smell of fruit trees, aromatic plants… and all this surrounded by the characteristic black colour of this land.

You will also find a vegetable garden and an orchard where you will be able to enjoy its aloe vera, fruit trees and varied vegetables and where you can pick up bananas, mangoes, papayas, strawberries, tomatoes… straight from the plants to your plate, while you feel the warmth of the sun still on them.